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How can your Business benefit from Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

Featured commentary article

CIMdata analyst commentary shares a new approach to PLM needed to connect, coordinate product data and effectively manage today’s business of engineering.

Knowledge is power! Get to know more about what is PLM, what are the newest trends, and how organizations have accelerated their performance by implementing it.

Analysts Articles

Some of the best-known analysts like CIMdata share their research findings about PLM and its application in various enterprises. 

Minerva Transforms Medical Device Product Data to a Competitive Advantage

Read what are the common issues that medical product companies experience according to CIMdata and how Medical Device PLM addresses them.


How PLM is Being Applied to Support Today's Dynamic Enterprises

Read CIMdata's analyst paper on how industry leading companies successfully use Aras solutions to achieve results.

Illusion of PLM in High Tech Persists

There has been an ongoing illusion shared by executives in the High Tech sector regarding what PLM is. This commentary explores the history behind the misleading perceptions, the current challenges and gaps and how to augment existing PLM systems for better ROI.

Read more about what leading researchers have to say about PLM and its best practice.

White Papers

Brows in our latest white papers and read what the leading High Tech industry experts have to say about PLM.

Minerva and Aras Address Medical Device Challenges

Minerva and Aras Address Medical Device Challenges

Learn how Aras enterprise open source PLM addresses the challenges Medical Device companies face, optimizing the product lifecycle from product concept to retirement.

Lean Product Development

Lean Product Development

Learn how to achieve breakthroughs with LEAN product development and understand the business software solution advantages Aras provides to attain faster development cycles with lower costs.

Managing a total Product Record in the Electronics industry

This white paper highlights the challenges organizations have while working with product data that is scattered. It further shows how can be established a
single source of product data with full traceability and transparency

Access all White Papers here and see all addressed issues.

Minerva Casebooks & Brochures

In our Casebooks we have selected some of the most interesting customers' journeys about implementing PLM.

And in our Product Brochures you can read about Minerva Solutions, the way your business can benefit from them, and the implementation process.

Minerva Casebook 2017

Read how Auditdata, Esterline and North Sea Electronics improved their businesses.

Minerva and Aras Addresses Medical Device Challenges

Minerva Casebook 2016

Airbus, Consilium and Malvern Instruments chose Aras and Minerva. Find out why.

Minerva Electronic PLM

Minerva Electronic PLM Brochure

Read how can your business benefit from implementing Electronic PLM.

Want to read more and see what tools you can use to improve your business. Find more insights here.

Customer Case Stories

Read why leading companies are choosing Minerva's services and products to optimize their processes, improve overall Supply Chain visibility and get better traceability both internally and externally.


Case Study: Auditdata

Faced with the challenge to find documents and to make relationships between them, Auditdata needed a relationional database, that would systemize documents and give a good overview of the relationships between different files

Case Study: Esterline Racal Acoustics

It was of high importance for the Racal Acoustics´ team to eliminate all ineffective procedures that don´t add value and that increase the time to market of their products. Electronic PLM implementation was the right solution.

Case Study: North Sea Electronics

Keeping track of the latest documentation revisions, finding previous component versions, and an increase in production issuing errors, were some of the challenges North Sea Electronics faced in the past. How to overcome them?


Discover all Customer Studies here and find out how they overcame various business challenges.

Selection Announcements

Read which leading companies choose Aras and Minerva as  partners to support their growth.

Selection Announcement: Paxton Access

Read why Paxton Access chooses Minerva and Aras as their PLM backbone.

Selection Announcement: Esterline Racal Acoustics

Esterline Racal Acoustics chooses the Minerva’s Electronic PLM solution powered by Aras for their global PLM processes.

Selection Announcement: Micropower

Micropower Group chooses the Minerva’s Electronic PLM solution powered by Aras for global PLM processes and supply chain integration.

See some more companies, which have chosen Aras and Minerva.